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You’re probably wondering how this all came about. ‘Not Just One Of The Guys’ – what does that even mean? My entire life I have always worn the crown & held the title of being ‘just one of the guys’. Whether it was one of my best friends telling their girlfriend they don’t have to worry about me or someone asking why I was the only female in our all-male fantasy league, the answer always seemed to be ‘she’s just one of the guys’. I always loved that because I knew it meant that I was looked at as their equal. It wasn’t until it was pointed out to me that I am not ‘JUST one of the guys’ that I realized how right they were. I am so much more. Defining what it means to be Not Just One Of The Guys probably wouldn’t even do it justice – so I won’t try. ┬áLet’s just say what we are all thinking, WE DO IT ALL.

Upon coming to this new realization, I also recognized that there were tons of other badass women out there who hold their own in what many think is a man’s world. I knew that there really weren’t many places for women like myself, who are ‘not JUST one of the guys’ to speak freely & be understood. So here we are. Honestly though, it’s not just about the ladies. This is not only a go-to guide for the alpha females, but also the wing woman command center for the fellas.

This is for those who color outside of the lines, think outside of the box, and make their own rules – the alphas. It’s a judgment-free, straight-forward, holds-back-nothing┬ákind of place. I’ll cover everything and more. Literally, there is no topic that is off limits here.

I hope that through my experiences shared on Not Just One Of The Guys you grow to feel as powerful as I know you actually are.

Come along for the ride and see for yourself!

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